10 Minutes to Change the World
(5:00 - 5:50 PM, Rosenthal Pavilion)

'10 Minutes to Change the World' has been a constant feature of the SIS Conference, and an extraordinary way to cap off the event.  A variety of talented speakers each have 10 minutes to inspire, challenge, and teach the audience about important issues, and ways that we can affect change.  This year, we're proud to have Hicham OudghiriSydney Price, and Al Chen featured as our speakers.


Hicham Oudghiri

Founder & CEO, Enigma Technologies

Talk Title: Connecting the Dots: Leveraging Data for Impact and Innovation

Hicham Oudghiri is co-founder and CEO of Enigma, a New-York based operational data management and intelligence company. Enigma works with leading Fortune 500 companies, including Merck, American Express and ADP, to bridge the gap between data and smarter workflows; streamlining operations and driving intelligent decision-making at scale. From building systematic compliance programs that help prevent financial crime to tracking adverse effects of pharmaceuticals to enhance patient safety, Enigma connects and enriches clients’ internal data assets to maximize value and efficiency.

Prior to Enigma, Hicham managed the private sustainable finance program at BMCE Bank, in partnership with the World Bank Group, where he created energy models for large-scale alternative energy projects across Africa. Hicham developed a rating system and software for environmental and social risk management across the bank's entire commercial loan portfolio. Hicham began his career at an energy fund in Dallas, Texas where he was responsible for hedging physical energy assets against modeled counterparts in the electronic markets.

Hicham received a B.A. from Columbia University, where he studied Philosophy and Mathematics.



10 min _ sydeny price _ new.jpg

Sydney price

Purpose + Profit Executive

Talk title: igniting your SUPERpowers to transform organizations

Sydney Price is an award-winning leader with expertise in combining the unique distinctions of the fashion industry, social enterprise, and a higher purpose to drive sustainable growth and profits. She is a driving force of executing socially responsible and women’s empowerment initiatives with an unquenchable thirst and intrapreneurial spirit to create new revenue channels where purpose and profit intersect.

As a leader-coach, and highly skilled facilitator, Sydney has taken her experiences to the next level by empowering other businesses, universities, non-profits, and social entrepreneurs.  Recognized as a catalyst in business transformation in her abilities to intertwine Purpose + Profit, she was awarded “Most Influential Women of the Mid-Level Market” by CEO Connection, 2015.


In Sydney’s most recent role as Senior Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility, at Kate Spade & Company (KSC), she strategically developed, implemented, and led a new, profitable commercial channel within KSC value chain as well as built an international Social Enterprise Supplier Model in Rwanda. Sydney’s innovative model was awarded “Best Economic Empowerment Program” from the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation in 2015 and studied and endorsed by Georgetown University in 2017. Prior to this role, she was SVP of Direct to Consumer and Global Merchandising at KSC and held multiple leadership positions at Neiman Marcus Group.

Sydney earned her Bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University where she studied Psychology

10Min_Al Chen.jpg

Al Chen

Co-Founder, Handshake and Currency Crate

Talk title: Proof of Impact: Using Blockchain Technology for Good

Al is a graduate of NYU Stern and worked at Google for 5+ years in Silicon Valley and NYC. After leaving Google, he co-founded a few startups in the influencer marketing, real estate, and consulting spaces. Currently he is developing a few projects in the blockchain space. One of his projects is is Handshake (handshake.tech), a platform to help international migrant workers secure their employment contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Another project is Currency Crate (currencycrate.com), the "Birch Box" of crypto where users get a basket of cryptocurrencies delivered to them every month. As an advocate of blockchain technology, Al hosts meetups every month to encourage the adoption of blockchain for business and for social impact causes.