2016 NYU Social Innovation Symposium



Impact Investing Panel

Investors serve as the intermediary between bold idea and execution, and provide the critical framework for measuring financial, social, and environmental impact. As collaborators by nature, this panel features guests who represent three distinct sides of the impact investing landscape, and will discuss topics such as project selection, impact measurement methodologies, and the critical role of social policy in this context.

Innovations in NYC Government Panel

With more than half of the world’s population now living in cities – and staggering projections over the next 25 years – municipal governments are on the front lines in developing practical solutions to our most pressing problems. In this panel, we explore ways in which city officials, research centers, and nonprofits share knowledge and information to develop effective, lasting solutions to help city governments provide vital services to those who need it most – and to achieve the ultimate goal of a more sustainable and equitable city.

Social Entrepreneurship Roundtable

Reaching people and places underserved by the private or public sector, social entrepreneurs are true big-picture thinkers, tackling complex social issues through scalable business solutions. Participants in this roundtable session will meet face-to-face with some of today’s leading entrepreneurial thinkers and practitioners, who will speak candidly about the opportunities, inspirations, and challenges in their day-to-day work.

Introduction to Research for Inspiration by IDEO

“Inspiration is the fuel to any creative fire. Sometimes it strikes like lightning, but mostly we find the need to spark it ourselves. Staying open to surprise and embracing ambiguity can help ignite a firestorm of imagination.”

How are we able to keep stoking this fire in the hustle of our daily working lives?  Join Randy Plemel and Alex Gallafent from the leading design consultancy IDEO for an interactive workshop on using the principles of Creative Listening and design research to find inspiration in unexpected places.  Participants will leave with a toolkit to help them listen, inspire, and innovate in any setting.

10 Minutes to Change the World

We reconvene for this annual forum, which features fast-paced and engaging TED-style stories of social impact from leaders in their field.