Closing the Loop on Consumer Goods

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Barent Roth

Founder & CEO,

Anthropocene Design


Barent Roth is a designer/educator/activist creating products and services designed for circularity with the goal of reversing climate change and repairing ecosystems. He recently founded Anthropocene.Design, a consultancy aimed at addressing these global issues through design.

 Previously he was the co-founder of the award winning sustainable to restorative design firm grow-design, creator of the LA Green Drinks network, and former Executive Director of, He currently also teaches courses on sustainable design at Parsons, The New School.

 His BikeShare Helmet won a Cradle to Cradle Design Competition for Best Professional Design and he founded, a global design collaboration aggregating DIY Trawls, empowering citizen scientists to track and together prevent local marine pollution.




Renew Designer,


Carmen Gama is a New York-based designer born and raised in Mexico. She attended Parsons The New School for Design in New York and graduated as a finalist for the ‘Designer of the Year’ Award, Class of 2015. Upon graduation, Gama’s ‘Sustainable Urban Outerwear’ thesis earned her the inaugural Eileen Fisher x CFDA Social Innovator fellowship. During her fellowship, Gama worked collaboratively to design a scalable and profitable manufacturing system for the recycled EILEEN FISHER garments, which concluded with a “Remade in The USA” capsule collection that debued in July 2016. Today, EILEEN FISHER Renew has taken back over a million garments and done over 10 million dollars in sales.

Gama has a true passion for solution-based design and technological innovation. Through this framework she is constantly challenging her design values by striving to design clothes with the potential to last a lifetime and utilizing processes that make the most of old garments to create new designs. Gama has been featured in numerous publications including Womens Wear Daily, The Wall Street Journal, and Harper’s Bazaar.

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Allison Vicenzi

CEO & Founder,


Allison Vicenzi is a fashion entrepreneur building a clothing brand and ecosystem in NYC. Powered by the fact that secondhand garments are the consumer's most sustainable choice, VICENZI launched in 2017 as an independent, circular brand offering well-made investment pieces along with a buyback guarantee. The concept is to promote efficient material reuse through recommerce and closed-loop systems.

After leaving the 3D printing industry, Allison set out to start her brand with a single blazer design in two colors. In 2019, VICENZI will relaunch and introduce new pieces, services, and DIY projects for women of all ages, backgrounds, professions. Her work aims to blend design and education to help women find their true "feel-good" style, at a variety of price points, without compromising quality or personality.

Allison is the co-founder of the Sustainable Fashion Circle, NYC's leading monthly meetup series and community of caring and passionate individuals working together to "clean up" the industry. A longtime vintage and flea market scout, she invented the #NoNewStuff challenge in 2015 to help people simplify lifestyles, do more with less, and find creative alternatives to fight mainstream consumption pressures. She invites anyone reading this to take the challenge and track/share how you feel through the process!


Daniel Ramirez

CEO & Founder,


Daniel Ramirez is the founder of Mobley, an online furniture rental system which looks to provide a convenient and affordable alternative to furniture ownership. He decided to build Mobley after growing tired of selling, storing, or throwing away perfectly good furniture every time he moved. Prior to founding Mobley, he worked in private equity for +6 years and graduated from Harvard Business School.


Janet Viader

Head of Sales,

Toast Ale

With a passion for sustainability and an appreciation of craft beer, Janet Viader joined the team at Toast Ale USA in the spring of 2018 to get Toast in the best restaurants and bars in Manhattan. As Head of Sales, she helped Toast expand distribution into New England and looks forward to opening new markets across the USA. Janet is also pursuing an MBA in Sustainability in New York City through Bard College.