Workshop: Sketching to Convey Ideas (2:00-2:50, Room 802)

Sketching is a powerful tool for problem solving, mapping out logic and sharing complex ideas—and you don’t have to be an artist to do it well. This workshop will teach you useful techniques for sketching that you can start applying immediately to anything from laying out your next presentation to thinking through big picture problems facing your company in the future.

 The workshop will be led by a team from SYPartners. SYPartners is a leading design consultancy firm focused on encouraging and developing transformational leadership. They do this by building systems of transformation that have the power to make change at scale. The firm takes a human-led, purpose-driven approach—accounting for the full system and focusing in on where transformation is needed most. SYP works with leading Fortune 100 companies from around the world and has offices in both San Francisco and New York.

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Ryan Murphy

Senior Designer, SYPartners

 Ryan is a New York based designer interested in how creativity can empower leaders in making bold business and policy decisions.

 He is currently a designer at SYPartners and has previously worked with the World Economic Forum and Microsoft's Technology Policy Group on the changing landscape of personal data management, pushed forward the STEM to STEAM initiative to highlight the role of art and design in education and economic development, and co-founded an entrepreneurship program at the Rhode Island School of Design to support art and design ventures.

 Ryan has been recognized by 89Plus as prominent young artist born after 1989, is the recipient of a Red Dot Design Award for The Period Game, and has shown work in New York, Mexico City, and Zurich.

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Sarah Malachowsky

Senior Strategist, SYPartners

 At SYP, Sarah has worked with leaders at IBM, the Emerson Institute, American Express and AARP, amongst others, on large-scale corporate transformation and societal movement strategy.

 Prior to this position, she spent her career pursuing different forms of impact — from gender-based violence programs in conflict zones in Colombia with Mercy Corps, to impact investing in Pakistan with Acumen, and venture capital in Zimbabwe with Columbia Business School. Sarah holds a Masters Degree from the School of International Public Affairs at Columbia University and a BA in International Affairs at the University of Southern California.